Corporate Social Responsibility

Interlocal Exim Pte Ltd and Kong Siang Group Holdings Pte Ltd are deeply committed to contributing back to society. We believe in playing our part in helping the communities in the countries that we operate in. The Group commits resources to various community activities which reflect its philosophy of being a good corporate citizen. The focus areas includes:

Community Development

The Group believes strongly in helping vulnerable groups in society, such as the lower income, people with special needs, and the elderly. We have done this through contributing to ComCare, elderly and disabled care facilities, healthcare causes and clan association such as Lions Home for the Elders, Ren Ci Hospital, Disabled People’s Association, Children’s Cancer Foundation, Teochew Federation among others.

Arts and Performances

The Group promotes the development of arts and performances in Singapore and has been supporting organizations such as - National Arts Council, Singapore Symphony Orchestra and Singapore Lyric Opera.


The Group provides monetary support to several educational institutions to provide bursaries to students.

Disaster Relief

The Group has contributed consistently during major disasters like tsunamis, and other natural calamities in the region through emergency relief and fundraising efforts.